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iTools Crack

iTools Crack is the latest media manager that helps you manage iOS devices and transfer iPhone videos, pictures, and documents to the Mac system. It is a comprehensive and multifunctional tool designed to serve as an alternative to Apple’s iTunes. You can organize apps, media, and files on your iPhones, iPads, and iPods. It transfers text messages, chats, photos, clips, and other files between the iOS device and a computer. This app offers a backup and restore feature to safeguard your data and restore it. You can save media content to secure them from any loss. It customizes various aspects of iOS devices such as organizing icons and creating ringtone. Additionally, users have access to advanced features like battery management and system cleanup. 

Its cache clearing is useful to enhance the performance and longevity of iOS devices. This tool supports jailbroken devices to access a number of customizations and functionalities. It has much popularity among iOS users due to its simple and intuitive interface. You can experience efficient and reliable performance in managing and optimizing iOS devices. It adapts to the changing landscape of iOS devices, incorporating updates and improvements. iTools Torrent includes data encryption, app management, and enhanced synchronization options. You have security measures to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. It remains a valuable tool for iOS device management offering an accessible and efficient solution. This feature is helpful for users seeking greater control over their Apple devices. 

iTools 2024 Crack with Activation Key Download [Free]

iTools Cracked emphasizes the importance of user privacy and security. The program is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems ensuring accessibility to a wide range of users. Users can back up and restore their iOS devices effortlessly You can ensure that your important data is safe and recoverable in case of device failure or data loss. It is easy to add or remove files, apps, and other content. This feature is beneficial to keep your media libraries organized. You are able to transfer data between the Mac system and iDevices quite effortlessly. It allows users to install, uninstall, and back up apps with ease. This is especially valuable when dealing with apps that are not available in the official App Store. 

iTools Serial Number expands the functionality of the iOS device beyond Apple’s restrictions. This flexibility is particularly appreciated for exploring unique or niche apps that aren’t part of the mainstream iOS ecosystem. The file manager simplifies tasks such as moving, copying, and deleting files. You can manage data without the need for complex jailbreaking procedures. This tool permits users to browse, edit, and organize files and folders on their devices. Users can create full backups of their devices and restore important data and settings. It enables selective backups particularly useful for saving storage space and time. Users can manage their music libraries effortlessly, transferring songs to and from the device and the computer. It even supports the creation of custom ringtones in a more effective manner.

iTools License Key

iTools Advanced Key Features:

  • Provides a toolbox with additional utilities like a battery master, which monitors battery usage and health.
  • A data migration tool to transfer data between devices, and a real-time log viewer that helps users keep track of their device’s performance.
  • Assist users in taking full control of their iPhone’s jailbreaking process. 
  • Provides a virtual location feature that enables users to simulate their device’s GPS location. 
  • Useful for various purposes including testing location-based apps, accessing region-restricted content, or creating geo-specific content for social media or other platforms. 
  • Optimize storage space or selectively secure critical data, ensuring efficient backup management.
  • Goes beyond basic data transfer by offering an advanced data migration tool that facilitates seamless transfer of data between different iOS devices. 
  • Migrate the typical data like contacts, messages, and media files as well as complex data structures, application data, and settings.
  • Real-time desktop management functionality assists you to view and manage your iDevice’s screen directly from your computer.
  • Simplify the process of transitioning between devices, making it a preferred option for users upgrading to new Apple phones.
  • Valuable feature for professionals and educators to demonstrate iOS apps or processes to a larger audience.
  • Select individual apps, files, or data categories for backup, providing a high level of flexibility and control over the backup process. 
  • A comprehensive ringtone maker that creates custom ringtones and offers advanced editing tools for sound manipulation.

Benefits of Using iTools:

  • Provides a comprehensive suite of tools for app management, including advanced app cleanup and optimization features.
  • Identify and remove unnecessary or redundant files associated with specific apps, clear app caches, and enhance app performance.
  • The ability to spoof location data without the need for complex configurations or additional hardware sets offers location-based flexibility.
  • Permits you to browse the web safely, view and share documents, play games, and migrate contacts.
  • Gives you the capability to preview images in their original quality and transfer a collection of photos from iPhone to Mac system.
  • Maintain device health simply by monitoring the battery and controlling its usage for maximum performance.
  • Favors you to migrate large-size files, podcasts, memorable videos, and audio notes, messages from old iPhones to new iOS mobiles.
  • Copy, edit, delete, remove, and access documents as well as folders to organize huge volumes of data between PCs and iDevices quite confidently.
  • The drag-and-drop function is helpful for placing and shifting media from one Apple phone to a computer system.
  • Supports you in managing several types of icons by resizing, changing color, and placement on iPod, iPhone, and iPad screens.
iTools License Key

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What’s New iTools?

  • AirPlayer is an excellent utility with a complete platform in order to watch videos, preview photos, browse the web, and, play games on your iDevices from your PC.
  • Unlock a realm of functions to organize, sync, and transfer important media as well as secure your iOS management experience.
  • Migrate audiobooks, songs, TV shows, voice notes, and other necessary files from the old iPhone to the new Apple mobile to get access anytime.
  • Free up memory space by uninstalling unused apps and programs directly on your iDevice from your computer system.
  • Sync media content and safely back up sensitive items from iCloud to protect them from any loss or danger.
  • Icon manager tools play a vital role in adjusting the home screen by arranging icons and widgets to get an appropriate appearance.
  • Make your sound clips, recordings, and songs interesting iPhone ringtones with the addition of a ringtone maker.
  • Enhance the performance of your iOS devices by optimizing battery health and hibernating unused apps to reduce consumption.

System Requirements:

  • Supports both Windows and macOS
  • 4GB of RAM is required
  • Requires 1GB of Free Storage
  • Compatible with Intel Core i4 Processor

How to Crack and Install iTools?

  • Firstly, download iTools Crack from the download link.
  • Unzip the downloaded files using a file extractor.
  • After that, run the setup file and install it compeletly.
  • Activate it using the given license key in content.
  • Enjoy this file manager on your PC and organize files.

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